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Founders Workshop: Learn How to Create A Winning Press Strategy


Founders Workshop: Learn How to Create A Winning Press Strategy


Why you should take this workshop

Now is the time to show up in a bigger way and give voice to your story, as you are trying to make a real impact in the world. The earlier you start to build key relationships and start pitching, the more successful your business will be. If you think you’re not ready to get featured because you’re “too early stage”, you are preventing your business from reaching its higher potential. In this workshop led by PR Consultant, Gloria Chou, learn how to start a PR roadmap that will allow you to sharpen your narrative, build key relationships, and get featured in top publications like Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

**LIVE attendees will receive a bonus gift valued at $350**

You will learn:

– Why earned press is more valuable than marketing

– The key to writing a winning press pitch

– Key tools and resources you can use to pitch journalists


– 45 minutes of expert course instruction and 15 minutes of Q&A with Gloria on press hacks

– 2 Case studies from startups that used Gloria’s methods to gain press support

– Access to Gloria’s FREE Media Outreach Template

– Access to Gloria’s CPR Pitch Worksheet

About the coach:

Gloria Chou is a startup mentor and pitch guru helping early-stage founders get recognized as industry leaders without ever paying for sponsored content. As a former U.S. Diplomat that’s never worked in PR or had any industry contacts, Gloria’s mission is to make PR more accessible so all founders can learn how to get traction and build credibility without hiring an agency to do it for them.

From cold calling thousands of newsrooms to getting pre-seed startups with no marketing budget onto outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, Gloria will share her original pitching methodology (trademark pending) so you can pivot your product pitch to one that editors will resonate with. To help entrepreneurs pivot their messaging in an era of COVID19, Gloria recently launched the first “PR Pro Pack” solution for early-stage founders, which combines powerful and personalized PR strategies with a DIY-approach. Gloria is a coach at iFundWomen, The German Accelerator, Career Contessa, Rise, and hosts monthly PR Master Classes to help founders break-free from paid methods to build credibility on their own terms.

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