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Hygge for Homeworkers

Hygge for Homeworkers

27 November 2020

As the nights in the northern hemisphere are drawing in, thoughts turn to fall colors, frosty windows and cosying up indoors. When your office is at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring some hygge to your working day.

Hygge, (pronounced hue-guh) originating in Denmark, is the practice of creating a warm, happy atmosphere and a feeling of wellbeing. Normally associated with open fires, fluffy blankets and good conversation, hygge can still be applied you your work environment.

How to hygge your homeworking space:
1. Make the most of your natural light. With the daylight hours dwindling, position your workspace by a window and open the drapes. If your work area is away from natural light, invest in some warm lamps.
2. Add plants. Houseplants are proven to increase mental wellness. If you aren’t green-fingered, cacti and succulents are easy to maintain.
3. Shift your position. While an ergonomic desk set up is the best option for your back and concentration, retiring to the sofa to read that long report in comfort is a great option for home workers.
4. Light a candle. Pick a scent that brings a Danish forest into your office and replicates that cosy log open fire. Keep it away from your files though.
5. Strike up a conversation. Friends and family are a key part of the hygge experience. Make a cup of tea or coffee and schedule a video chat with a friend or colleague to break up the day and widen your surroundings a little.
6. Layers. Wrap up before turning up the thermostat. Homeworkers know that when winter hits, being at home the whole of the working day can have a detrimental effect on your heating bill. Before you turn the dial, add a cardigan or blanket to keep warm and cosy instead – or a pair of ridiculously thick socks.
7. Eat. Take advantage of the proximity to your own kitchen to whip up a batch of freshly baked cookies (or use readymade dough, no-one is there to judge!) to have with warm drink. The scent of baking will fill your home with hygge.
8. Hygge your workwear. One of the top joys of working from home has to be the casual wardrobe. Take it to the next level with comfortable loungewear. Leave the pyjamas and scruffy sweat pants behind though and designate a capsule wardrobe of comfy workwear.

The main takeaway of hygge is filling your life with wellness and contentment. Make your surroundings and your self comfortable and at ease will create a positive impact on your working life.

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